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Mindfulness practice.

I share useful thoughts with you.

I lecture. Since 2017 in corporate training & education.

What is Mindfulness? Useful Thoughts Trainings & Courses


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 Completed the course of Applied Psychophysiology (Biofeedback and Self-Regulation at San Francisco State University, USA) under the supervision of Erik Peper, Ph.D.

  Completed mindfulness trainings:
            Relational Mindfulness Training (2016)
            Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (2017)
            7-day retreat, Lot Heijke supervision (2019)

  Author and trainer of the mindfulness course for Johnson & Johnson GBS and also providing trainings for companies such as ING, ČD Telematika, Dimension Data, GoodCall or James Cook Languages.

  Lecturer of both private and group mindfulness courses (a 5-year experience with mindfulness practice), positive psychology and effective development courses

  Speaker at the national conferences of MindfulnessCON 2018 and Štěstí (“Happiness” organized by ČSAP), the positive psychology national conference

  Graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic majoring in Management and minoring in Managerial Psychology and Sociology

  4 years ago, founded a small publishing house he is still in charge of




Vaclav’s vast both theoretical and practical knowledge with mindfulness along with his enthusiasm ensured the lecutres to be well-prepared and professionally lead. Following workshops helped the theory be turned into practice through meditation exercises. I appreaciate a personalized approach. In our busy and result-driven corporate environment, it is very important not to neglect mental health. Attending mindfulness course under Vaclav’s supervision helped improve my work performance. I recommended it to my colleagues and made it a part of the development plan for my senior subordinates.

Matej, A2R Supply Chain Team Lead, mindfulness course attendee at Johnson & Johnson GBS


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