Stress management is one of my basic and favorite topics. Techniques and tools for managing acute and chronic stress in a practically focused course. Learn how to manage everything with greater calmness and ease, both in personal life and at work.


Course content:

mind-body connection and practical implications within stress management (what stress does in the body and all the ways it manifests)
the effects of short and long term stress on the body and how to work with it
how to relieve acute stress – strategies working with attention, how to relieve stress using physiology, the impact of exercise and lifestyle, how others can help us from stress, how to relieve stress by adapting the (work) environment
the difference between stress and optimal performance and how to find the balance
techniques for working with stress and chronic stress in the long term


Usual duration: 3 to 4 hours (3 hours without mindfulness, 4 hours with a brief introduction to mindfulness)

If necessary, we can adjust the duration and content to your actual needs.


Available offline and online.

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