Trainings are provided in both private companies and public organizations. It is as well possible to arrange an individual consultation. Below are some of the companies and references. I can provide more if you are interested.


We had 2 workshops with Mr. Toman, which were tailored to the needs of our company. After a short discussion about what we needed, Mr. Toman suggested the content of the training and it was clear that he really understood where our needs were going, even though the assignment was not very specific. Our employees are usually not very active during the workshop, but Mr. Toman found the right communication way, which involved a lot of people in the discussion. The workshops were interesting, lively and contained a lot of useful and new information. Really, it was great!

Olga, Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia, s.r.o.


Lectures were practical and at the same time, I learned the required theoretical background for better comprehension of the exercises. Vaclav knows how to connect theory and practice in an engaging way. During the practical exercises, he patiently guided me through since as simplistic exercise as ‘perceiving the breath’ can be demanding. Vaclav as a mindfulness lecturer has earned my recommendation. He has a personalized approach and knowledge. Most importantly, he lectures mindfulness because it is his passion and he wants to help others.

Bara, HR employee, mindfulness individual lectures attendee


Vaclav’s vast both theoretical and practical knowledge with mindfulness along with his enthusiasm ensured the lecutres to be well-prepared and professionally led. Following workshops helped the theory be turned into practice through meditation exercises. I appreaciate a personalized approach. In our busy and result-driven corporate environment, it is very important not to neglect mental health. Attending mindfulness course under Vaclav’s supervision helped improve my work performance. I recommended it to my colleagues and made it a part of the development plan for my senior subordinates.

Matej, A2R Supply Chain Team Lead, mindfulness course attendee at Johnson & Johnson GBS


I really appreciated Vaclav’s mindfulness course and the skills it gave me going forward to deal with this busy world we find ourselves in. I’d always been interested in mindfulness and meditation but had never received the information in such a clear and stress free manor with tips on how to make it work for you. In no time I found myself using the tips, telling others of the practice and bringing it into other topics of conversation as a solution for real world issues. I think this is a great course to set people up with the tools needed to manage the pressures of today and keep a calm and positive outlook.

George, Intercompany Price Analyst, mindfulness course attendee at Johnson & Johnson GBS


A two hours long workshop named ‘mindfulness for beginners’ was a pleasant surprise for me. Vaclav explained the core of mindfulness and then, taught us several techniques. The group exercises were lead professionally. Of all 15 people attending the workshop of all age groups, everyone was leaving more than satisfied. The whole workshop was interactive and people could take part in the discussion in a friendly atmosphere. The workshop helped me start my own mindfulness practice. Until then, I had not known anything about mindfulness. Now, I can practice every day.

Ondra, University of Economics student, a public workshop attendee


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