Mindfulness is the art of noticing the present moment non-judgementally. Why shoud you acquire it?

Let me share 5 reasons:

1) You do not want to end up like the guy in the picture. Human’s ability to hold attention or to be aware of what is going on now has been significantly decreasing over the past years. Do you ever mindrift here and then? Thanks to mindfulness you will be back here and now.

2) Train mindfulness regularly and you will decrease stress and be happier. Not only that, you will also feel calmer. All of this will happen on the physiological level too. Your stress (cortisol) level in blood decreases, the brain is more active in areas responsible for calmness and happiness, and less active in areas responsible for stress, anxiety or fear. Mindfulness also helps, according to many studies, decrease blood pressure, improve immune system, and you will also get to think more clearly…

3) It is proven. The method of mindfulness has been scientifically proven. It is an easily accessible way to improve your mental well-being.

4) Ideal for the lazy. You don’t need any equipment or change to sport dresses. You will only need a calm space where you can close your eyes and you are ready to practice mindfulness.

5) You will manage your emotions better.


Why should you choose me as your mindfulness lecturer?

I have been engaged with mindfulness since 2015. Starting 2017, I have been lecturing it. I have led tens of workshops, trainings in companies, for public or during individual consultations, both offline and online. I practice mindfulness daily including Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas, the Groundhog Day and International Women’s Day. There is no way to teach withouth an own practice… I have earned the qualification of Qualified MBSR by Present Mind Institute under the supervision of renowned European lectures Lot Heijke, Petra Meibert and Günter Hudasch. Therefore, I believe you can entrust me your mindfulness endeavour.


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