Diogenes of Sionope was a Greek Antique philosopher who had almost nothing. He lived in a barrel and was carrying a bowl to drink water from. Why is it useful to remind him before buying new stuff?

Digenes was well-known in Greece. Back then, Alexander the Great ruled Greece and when they met, Alexander vowed to meet any wish Diogenes asks for. So Diogenes asked Alexander to get out of his sun…

He slept over in his barrel and carried his bowl to drink water from. Once he saw a beggar drinking by putting together the palms of his hands, Diogenes threw away his bowl.

Like me, you probably have more stuff than Diogenes did. Today’s people own many things that sometimes don’t even need for life.

I try to keep one ritual. Anytime I decide whether to buy anything new, I remember Diogenes and ask myself – Do I really need it?

This is how I have not bought a microwave recently.

It does not mean not buying any new stuff. Sometimes it is good to buy something to please yourself. But sometimes you can do more useful things with your money than use it to increase the number of items in your surrounding.


#2 Before you buy anything, remember Diogenes and ask yourself – Do I really need it?

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