Today’s world seems fast. Everything changes quickly, we also experience lack of time for everything. This is an illusion to some extent.

I recently read an article that a person of this era consumes as much information as person in the 18th century did in their lifetime!

The reason why we are so stressed out these days is by great deal caused by the need to know everything about anything. By information. We constantly receive information about events from the world, from our own country, from various fields. Any information hold potential to cause stress. Some of them do it.

The more information there is, the worse our attention span is, the less time we have and the more stress we experience.

#3 / A constant information flow can stress us or make us feel tired. The point is not to isolate ourselves from the outer world but rather to receive such information in doses, for example, once a day or every other day. This is possible for all the information that do not have a direct impact on our lives – which is most of them. Try such kind of an information diet and you will see that your life will become calmer.

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