They say we are an average of 5 people we meet most often.

On regular bases, I used to see a person who would advice me about how to do the ‘tax optimalization’. You will do this and that and save that much money, he would say. To my question if that was legal, he answered that everyone does it this way. Take one of the tricks – you give money to someone as reward and they will sign a paper that they have worked for you, and bam – you pay less on taxes.

I was still wondering. Isn’t that reward called ‘bribery’? And isn’t the operation ‘tax cutting’?

The more he spoke about it the more I saw it normal. I even considered doing that! Fortunately, I stopped myself at the right time. We don’t speak with each other anymore.

#5 / And this is how it works with all people and their influence on our thinking and most of all, our behavior. We become an average of the people we meet most often. Therefore, we should choose such people who are the way we want to be.

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